The Brooklyn Bridge Sports and Leadership Academy has been established as a platform to inspire student athletes to become young leaders, positive role models and productive contributing citizens within their communities and the world.

Brooklyn Bridge offers child and adolescent sports and leadership related programs that are engaging, healthy, fun and enlightening.Program offerings include: basketball camps, clinics, and tournaments as well as education and Umoja (Swahili for unity) cultural workshops. A leadership component serves as an introduction to life skills, including character development, positive values training and critical thinking.

Dormant for 10 years, The Brooklyn Bridge was originally founded in 1996. Its resurrection as The Brooklyn Bridge Sports and Leadership Academy is based on a dearth enriching programs for youth in Brooklyn, New York urban communities. Like many inner-city neighborhoods nationwide, those in Brooklyn have lost informal safety nets such as community centers, after-school and church programs, where guidance and support was once readily available. With parents (70% of who are single female heads of households) working full-time and in many cases overtime just to get by, our youth are left to fend for themselves after school.

Most of these parents have little to no assistance as they advocate for and help their children navigate through life processes. “The Bridge” helps to fill the gap with positive programming to facilitate the transformation of our student athletes from basic thinkers into critical ones who believe in themselves and make positive life choices.

The Bridge’s motto is “The Bridge to Greatness.” We believe that the energy and effort we give in life will inevitably produce the highest results we seek. There are no short cuts to success. Discipline and training precede classroom achievement as well as victory on the basketball court and Brooklyn Bridge Student Athletes challenge themselves to be triumphant in all walks of life.